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The Welcome Back Center was developed to aid internationally trained healthcare workers that have moved to California. We offer a wide range of services to immigrant healthcare workers who wish to obtain professional credentials. There is a growing need to provide linguistically and culturally competent healthcare to many areas of the U.S. and our team at the Welcome Back Center is here to help.

If you are an internationally trained health care worker such as an MD, Nurse, Dentist, or Technician, please contact us to find out how the Welcome Back Center can help you!

What Participants Are Saying


"Welcome Back Center helped me to get my RN diploma. I am thankful to Welcome Back Center for providing me this opportunity."
Farid Gowhari, Doctor from Russia

"I am totally happy that I passed my NCLEX LVN with the help of this great institution, I can fully endorse it to whoever will take the NCLEX whether RN or LVN. Professors are very caring, friendly and will help with whatever weaknesses you have."
Emerson Lisay, Nurse from Philippines

"Thanks to Welcome Back, where I had the opportunity to meet with other foreign healthcare professionals. I took some classes that improved my English in healthcare."
Elsa Patricia Siqueiros, Dentist from Mexico

"Hello every one!!
My name is Argentina Gomez, I’m a graduated Dentist from U.A.B.C. in Tijuana Mexico, I heard about Welcome Back Center at least 7 years ago. Ever since they've been the best help I could ever have. They guided me through all my professional growth in this wonderful country, and when I say everything I mean everything. Starting with the assistance on how to do an adequate resume to seek a better job, all the way on to how to prepare myself for a job interview. Today, I’m pursuing a Teaching Program at a master degree level hosted at SDSU on a cross cultural educational program. With the help of God and hard studying I know I’ll be a Bilingual Female Latina Science Teacher.
Good luck to everyone.

Argentina Gomez Dentist from Mexico

Welcome back fulfilled my dream to pass my RN board exam. After working more than 10 years as an LVN, no one ever motivated me to the highest limit to pass my RN exam except Welcome Back. Everybody is really supportive. Being Ready, Dedication, Sacrifice and Motivation are the things Welcome Back gave me and at the end TEARS OF JOY AND HAPPINESS AFTER I PASSED MY EXAM. And now its all WORTH it. THANK YOU WELCOME BACK AND I HOPE THAT MANY PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN YOUR PROGRAM SO YOU CAN HELP THEM TO FULFILL THEIR DREAMS.
Toni T. Balajadia Nurse from the Philippines

"I want to thank you very much for helping me to get back into health care system in the United States. I was already a nurse in my country, but you helped me to obtain my RN license here by providing very affordable prep. courses for NCLEX exam. Furthermore, you helped me to get a job by helping with my resume. I am practicing as an RN 6 years now and because your collaboration and partnership with United States University, I am currently in FNP program. Since I had a medical degree from my country, I had to take only the bridge course in order to qualify for entering the program. I see many participants from Welcome Back Center there. They are all very thankful for your effort. I always recommend you as a help to the newly immigrated health care professionals from other countries. Thank you again,
Yelena Sinitsyna Doctor from Russia

"Hi! I am a registered nurse from Finland. I am very thankful for Welcome Back Center. Without them I wouldn't have my license here in California. Many years ago when I contacted the Board of Registered Nursing, they told me I needed to study more Obstetric Nursing. 2 years I tried to find a school where I can take that kind of class, but no luck. Everybody told me "we don't have those classes." Then I heard about Welcome Back Center. After one visit I was signed up to take a class at Grossmont College. I was really happy. Finally something started to happen. I am really thankful I was able to study with medical doctors. I learned so much from them. I liked the hospital where we did our clinicals every Sunday. Our teachers were so nice. I passed my class and got permission to do NCLEX. Welcome Back Center helped me plan my study schedule. I got a book to study with a cd rom. Then I took another class at Grossmont College called "pre-NCLEX class". Thank you Welcome Back Center for letting me know about this class, too! After this class I felt I am ready to take the test and in August 2009 I finally got my Registered Nurse license! I was happy and ready to go to work. But when I send my resume to hospitals and offices, I realized there are 500 other nurses in the same situation as me. It was time to go visit Welcome Back Center again. This time they helped me to make a really good resume, they told me where to send my papers and they told me to go to visit offices and cliniques to find out if they have any openings. So 6 months I send my resume to many hundreds of places and I visited hospitals near my home. Then finally last April I got a little bit of work. I started to work part time in senior home care and in May I started to help a plastic surgeon in his office. Both of the jobs are part time jobs, but I am still working with them. In April I have my 1 year experience in home care and I can apply to all open jobs for nurses. Only a couple more months to go! So THANK YOU Welcome Back Center for all of your help I got from you. All of your workers are so nice and helpful! Now I can make my dreams come true!
Sari Niemela Nurse from Finland

"In 1993, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the Philippines. I arrived in the United States that same year and I found myself doing everything under the sun but nursing. In 2006, a friend of mine suggested I try the Welcome Back Center and by July of 2007 my name was on the Board of Registered Nursing as a licensed registered nurse. Today, I am pursing my Masters Degree at Point Loma Nazarene University to be a clinical nurse specialist focusing on mental health. I am deeply grateful to the Welcome Back Center for the guidance, preparation, and encouragement they provided even as I picked up my nursing career 14 years later."
Melvin Lumagui, BSN Nurse from the Philippines

"I am a BSN, RN graduate from a school overseas and that was 18 years ago since I graduated. I really didn't have much hospital experience except my clinical rotation as a student, 3 months as a volunteer at a hospital and 7 months OB-Gyne clinic nurse and these were all done in 1993. Due to some medical and financial concerns, I was not able to practice as a nurse here in the states, but on 2007, I've heard of Welcome Back Center. Back then I was feeling stronger and kept my temporary job to survive, pretty much. And so, I researched on-line of their services, got their number, called them up and bam, I find myself going through the orientation, etc. Review day (for LVN and RN) was fast approaching and financially, I was short of the fee and so I called and told them my concern. They were on top of everything and gave me hope that I should be able to join the winter review class for the RN/LVN. A few days before the review class started, I got a call from them and they told me that Welcome Back Ctr. can sponsor half of my tuition fee and the rest, I shoulder it. To make my long story short, I was able to join the review class (going for the LVN one), thank you so much WBC, and March of 2008, I took the LVN Licensing Exam and passed it! But wait, my story ain't over yet. Welcome Back Center also helped me in checking out schools and classes for RN Refresher Course and IV class. Guess what, they led me to GHOC and there I took the Didactic part of their RN Refresher Course and an IV class. All these have helped me get back on my feet (especially knowledge-wise) in the field that I love, Nursing. On July 2009, I took the RN NCLEX Board and passed it! I share my story because, it is never too late to go for your passion! So, go for it!"
Mabel Zafra Nurse from Philippines

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