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The San Diego Welcome Back Center was developed to aid internationally trained healthcare workers that have moved to California. We offer a wide range of services to immigrant healthcare workers who wish to obtain professional credentials. There is a growing need to provide linguistically and culturally competent healthcare to many areas of the U.S. and our team at the Welcome Back Center is here to help. 

Our mission is to build a bridge between the pool of internationally trained health workers living in California and the need for linguistically and culturally competent health services in undeserved communities. 


Services We do phone or a face-to-face initial assessment then we provide counseling services follows a "client-centered" approach. This approach incorporates the following stages: (1) engagement (the process of building a working relationship); (2) assessment (identifying participants career goals, motivation, useful resources, and barriers); (3) planning (converting clients goals into a realistic plan of action); (4) accessing resources (assisting the participant with resources to meet interim steps); (5) coordination (ensuring that support remains available); and (6) disengagement (the accomplishment of participant's goals). 


  • We do not have the capacity to respond to inquiries outside of the United States. 
  • We do not provide employment services.
  • We are hosted by Grossmont College

Licensing Guidelines

Dentist (pdf)


Nurses (pdf)


Pharmacist (pdf)


Doctors (pdf)




  • NCLEX-RN Class 
  • English as a Second Language - Ask Us About ESL 
  • Single Subject (We do not offer any classes this year) please fill the Interest list for future classes

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If you are an internationally trained health care worker such as an MD, Nurse, Dentist, or Technician, please contact us to find out how the Welcome Back Center can help you! 

San Diego Welcome Back Center

8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020



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               Phone: (619) 644-7206

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